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2016.10.07(Fri) Resident Researcher's Pr...  24시간 안에 올라온글입니다
[위치: Exhibition 날짜: 09.28, 조회수: 1, 작성자: mass]
10월 7일 오후 6시 October 7th 6pm Exploration of the Form of Unconsciousness: Automatic & Technological This research is to explore the evolution of automatic as a form of unconsciousness. Automatic seem...more
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2016.02.27(Sat) - 03.05(Sat) "파란집 Blue H... 
[위치: Exhibition 날짜: 02.23, 조회수: 369, 작성자: mass]
Exhibition Opening 2016.02.27(Sat) PM 06:00 - 09:00 Exhibition Date 2016.02.27(Sat) - 03.05(Sat) PM 06:00 - 09:00 Close Date 2016.02.29(Mon) - 03.01(Tue) / 03.04(Fri) 파란집 Blue House 파란집...more
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2015.12.05(Sat) Open Seminar by Resident... 
[위치: Exhibition 날짜: 12.03, 조회수: 666, 작성자: mass]
2015.12.05(Sat) Open Seminar by Resident Artist and Scholor, Mikyoung Song & Kyoungah Kwon 5-6pm more
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