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2018 MASS of MASS 
[위치: Exhibition 날짜: 02.21, 조회수: 4387, 작성자: mass]
MASS begins its own projects for itself. Returning to MASS! Multilateral Experiments have begun.more
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2017.06.01 (Thu)-11(Sun) "So通_ 그 두번째 이... 
[위치: Exhibition 날짜: 05.29, 조회수: 4435, 작성자: mass]
2017.06.01 (Thu)-11(Sun)  11am-6pm So通_ 그 두번째 이야기 "시각장애인과 함께 하는 촉각기반 만다라 여행" Opening: 06.03 (Sat) 17:00 more
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2017.03.10 (Fri) "Resident Researcher's... 
[위치: Exhibition 날짜: 03.03, 조회수: 5627, 작성자: mass]
"Resident Researcher's Presentation" by Kyounga Kwon Kyounga Kwon: Younghee Suh (guest presenter): 2017.03.10 (Fri) 5 pm [서영희 Younghee Suh]---------------------------------------------------...more
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